15 to 20 Sales-Qualified-Leads Every Single Month On Performance-Basis.
WITHOUT Setup-Fees, Retainers, or 12-Month Contracts👇

Companies that trust us🤝

Our Case Studies

Videosocials x Zaniver – from 1 to 2 meetings a week
➡ to “1 to 2 Meetings A DAY”

Our Process


No more 100 emails a day or 100 DMs a day. At Zaniver it’s 10x the Volume for 10x the Results.


EVERY email is personalized using AI to speak directly to the person receiving the email, showing you did your research


Testing & optimization is our motto. With 1000-5000 emails a day, we’re able to test angles extremely quickly & constantly optimize for better results.

What Our Clients Say

“Zaniver has changed the way I think about cold email outreach. I hired an in house SDR for my digital marketing agency to handle all the cold email outreach to generate more leads for our business. In 5 months we saw no results. A few months later I came across Zaniver and reluctantly decided to give it a try. In the first 3 weeks of the emails being launched I booked 10 calls and after the first 2 calls I had already closed one client. I am super excited to continue and see our growth in a year!”
Desirae Haluk
CEO @ Clairant Services

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